Freed from captivity, sidekick to (the late) Gurt and (sometimes) useful party member


Splurg is awesome.


Note: Splurg is a special DM run character, and as such is technically an NPC, but he’s a member of the party, so I tagged him as a PC to keep him categorized with them. If this were a TV show (god forbid), he’d get the “And” credit.

Splurg was held captive by the other goblins in the keep outside Winterfell for reasons unknown (most likely thievery). Freed from his cell, he was more than happy to join the party and help them accomplish their goal once it was clear they were not intent on killing him just because he’s a Goblin. (The jury is still out on Sanora.)

Splurg is trying to overcome his Goblin upbringing and be a productive member of the party. Unlike most goblins, he has taken well to civilized living and has learned to enjoy bathtime. He’s well spoken for a Goblin, which implies some kind of education.

Splurg is twitchy and moves quickly, often disappearing during fights and reappearing after having looted every corpse. He carries a bag often stuffed full of items of value he has found on his travels anything he can get his little hands on. As a rogue, his preferred weapons are daggers, which are perfect for his diminutive stature.

He is of a sect of goblins that gives its children their ancestors’ names (at least the ones they can remember) as a way to puff up their own reputations and make themselves sound more important than they are, which often leads to goblins with very long and ridiculous names. Few, if any, goblins of this lineage ever go by their full names, since many are too dull-witted to remember them. Splurg does remember his full name (as was revealed at the bank of Cormyr when he had to sign it in full):

Splurgiforous Dorfalgazir Glorpulchritus Francis Melchmeyer Thunderlord Giantslayer

Update 1: It was recently revealed that Splurg and Cadmar Decius knew each other, and he had some past affiliation with the The Knights of the Dragon Coast that apparently did not end well.

GM note: This was (or is) Splug from Keep on the Shadowfell, but I read his name wrong when I first introduced him and decided I liked it better as Splurg. The drawing of Splurg is based on a doodle by artist Paul Adam.


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