A century since the Spellplague tore through Faerun, the Guardian Wyrm of Everlund slumbers in stone, hidden from the world. The Cult of the Dragon stirs in the dark, their goals unknown. The undead rise from their graves to serve their evil masters. Armies of monstrous creatures, hellbent on the destruction of the civilized races, amass in the wild places. And menacing shadows of the dragon god cast the sunlit world into darkness.

Welcome to my 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign, “Shadows of the Dragon God”. Here you will find all pertinent information about the campaign, including PCs, NPCs, loot, setting information, and adventuring history.

Where does the campaign take place?

I’ve decided to set my campaign in Faerun (Forgotten Realms). The Forgotten Realms is easily the most detailed campaign setting of any role playing game ever, with hundreds of novels and modules and supplemental books from every edition of D&D. It is important to note that I have modified and will continue to modify any details of the campaign world as I need to in order to make my story fit within it (such as names and details of important npcs, cities, and items).

The campaign kicks off in Suzail, capital of Cormyr, and will likely take the players all over Faerun as it follows them through all 30 levels of experience.

When does this happen?

The campaign takes off a hundred years after the Spellplague, in 1479 DR (Dale Reckoning), per the 4th edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide.

Why is it called Shadows of the Dragon God?

For all the D&D I’ve played over the years, I’ve never actually encountered a proper Dragon or run one in a campaign. Weird, huh? Well, after the party got through its first big adventure (what I like to call its noob area), I had them encounter a dragon. And not just some 7th level young dragon with a few kobolds, I mean an honest-to-goodness, humongous ancient I-will-seriously-eat-you-whole-if-you-look-at-me-crosseyed Dragon with a captial D. So yeah, dragons figure in in this campaign.

Can I join your campaign?

You can feel free to use any of this material in your own campaign (unless otherwise noted). As for playing in my campaign, seeing as it’s a private game I run on my kitchen table with close friends only, signs point to no.

Shadows of the Dragon God

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