Male Githerzai Avenger


Str 13 Con 10 Dex 18 10 Int Wis 20 Cha 8. 48 HP, 20 AC, Fort 14, Ref 17, Will 18. Trained in Executioner’s Axe, Xirric rolls in fast and furious to put the enemy down quick. Trained in Athletics and Acrobatics, he can be relentless in pursuit.


Coming from a displaced zerai settlement in Impultur, Xirric spent a long time imprisoned in a mirror before being freed by Gurt. Seeing the adventures of the Company with No Name as worthwhile companions, Xirric remains with them to advance the justice and nobility of Bahamut.

Even as an Avenger, Xirric finds Sanora’s and Nox’s brutality stunning. Twice Xirric has incapacitated an enemy only to have it tortured before being slain, while helpless. The Ranger and Cleric have Xirric fairly convinced killing an enemy is far more merciful than capturing.

Still trying to adjust to the world after years in the mirror, Xirric finds he shares the most in common with Gurt and Splurg, something he never would have thought. He is amused by Nox’s buffoonery, and respects Sanora’s prowess, but finds himself beside the Bard during battle. He also sympathizes with Splurg’s attempt to assimulate into civilized behavior.


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