Deszeldaryndun Silverwing, the Guardian Wyrm of Everlund


Deszeldaryndun is a mighty silver great wyrm of considerable power and majesty. Even in his weakened state he is a challenge far above the abilities of most. It is obvious that the cave he was found in is not his lair, but it will serve him for the time being while he recovers.


Deszeldaryndun was awakened from a curse by accident. The Company With No Name were clearing out an occupying force of orcs from fort in the hills west of Suzail when the ground caved in underneath them, revealing an old cave and an underground river. The most notable feature of the cave was the gargantuan stone statue of a dragon, posing as if in battle. The magicks that held the curse had eroded over time, and with the interference of the orcs and the adventuring party, the stone crumbled and gave way for the mighty silver wyrm underneath, unwittingly released from a century of forced hibernation.

The dragon was cursed by Daurgothoth, a powerful Dracolich, during battle. Daurgothoth, also known as the “Creeping Doom”, fought Deszeldaryndun to a near standstill over a hundred years ago. Whether it was his allies or Daurgothoth himself is uncertain, but he managed to petrify Deszeldarynrun and seal him in the cave and have a fort built atop it, effectively hiding him from the world.

Freed from his prison of stone, he was grateful to the party and saw in them an opportunity to strike back at his old foe. Of course, at this point he was weak from hibernation and to reveal himself to his alllies or enemies would be suicide. Deszeldarydun decided to use the party as his eyes and ears for the time being, while he built up his strength and learned more about the post-spellplague world.

He placed a charm upon the shield of Noxital Pridebane in order to track and contact them if necessary and sent the party to Waterdeep to make contact with someone he referred to as the Grey Lady.


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