Shadows of the Dragon God

The Forming of the Company With No Name

Having earned success in stopping Kalarel in Winterfell, the party has returned to Suzail to claim their sponsored Cormyr Adventuring Company Charter from Douven Staul. A letter had arrived from Fargrim Pridebane’s family, indicating that he was needed to sort out some family business, and that his brother Noxital Pridebane was coming to assist in tending his affairs here. Fargrim decided to stay with Aida (who was still being cared for by the local clerics) until such time as she could return to her family, and then be off to his family in East Rift. Drogun Doomguide decided to find adventure with Fargrim in the Southeast of Faerun, and would also be leaving the party.

Meanwhile, it had come to the attention of the others that Gurt had been hearing whispers from an ornate goblin-made mirror he had found in their last adventure. Upon close inspection, it appeared here was someone trying to get their attention on the other side of the mirror. Gurt smashed the mirror, causing a flash of light and magical smoke to billow out, as well as a hooded Githerzai to come tumbling out. He introduced himself as Xirric, and thanked them for freeing him from that magical trap. He was also an adventurer on the very same quest they had been on, but had been trapped there after the rest of his party had been killed by hobgoblins. After spending some time with the party, it was decided he woudl join them in their adventures.

Soon after, Noxital Pridebane arrived from the east, and being a cleric, his skills were much in need by the party. Despite his gruff dwarven attitude and surly demeanor, he quickly fell in with the group.

The Adventuring Charter arrived at Douven Staul’s office, and was ready to be signed. The party would be known from then onward as The Company With No Name.

Adventuring Charter

(GM’s note: At this point we had been running the campaign for a few months. The Keep on the Shadowfell module is very large. We were running 4 to 5 hour game sessions every other week, sometimes every three weeks due to our players’ difficult schedules. At this point, a couple of our players had to bow out and a new one had joined the party, and we are now able to play weekly, which is SO much better for party cohesion.)



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