Shadows of the Dragon God

River Pirates on the Chionthar

Fire + Gunpowder = Kablooey

Having no other nautically skilled members present, Noxital claimed to know his way around a boat. Of course, in his drunken stupor, he also claimed to have invented pants. He managed to haphazardly guide the ship down river to Scornubel, but docked in a military dock and almost wrecked the ship in the process, causing major damage to the dock itself. The dockmaster has a few choice words for the ship’s “captain”, to which Noxital replied with his usual brand of tact and reserve.

He awoke a few hours and many bruises later in the city jail, the apparent loser in a fight between himself and ten of the city guard. However, hard labor in the salt mines would not be his fate. His skills as a Cleric were desperately needed on the Elturgard expeditionary force, and so it was arranged that he would work off his debt there instead. He handed his shield to the party and bid them farewell, eager to see them again one day.



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