Shadows of the Dragon God

Into The West

The party heads west and finds more than they expected

The Company With No Name did so well on their first contract that they had their choice of assignments next. They chose to find adventure in Waterdeep, the City of Splendors far to the west on the Sword Coast. This would be a long journey by horse, for the roads to the West were poorly maintained since the Spellplague and often overgrown and riddled with danger. They accepted a quest to assist in finding a possibly kidnapped boy from a noble family in Waterdeep, and also to clear out an abandoned keep in the hills West of Cormyr that had been taken over by a tribe of orcs. A raven was dispatched to a contact in Waterdeep to inform them of their impending arrival and the party set off West toward the Stormhorns.

Abandoned Keep

They arrived at night to the keep but decided to wait until say to lay siege to the orcs within. Upon first light, they stormed the front gate and eliminated the guards, then worked their way back to the feast hall were they took on a group of 8 orc soldiers. They trapped the orc chieftain in the barracks while they caught their breath, and made short work of his guards and dire wolf mount. The chieftain dove out the second story window and ran into a storage room off the main courtyard. The party followed as he led them down into a old basement and to a room clearly older than the keep itself, made not by human builders but possibly arcane means. They defeated the orc chieftain, but the battle and spilled blood upon the large rune encribed surface of the floor must have disrupted old magics that held it together. The floor gave way and Noxital and Splurg fell in. Sanora, Gurt and Xirric followed.

There was a natural cave with an underground stream directly underneath the abandoned keep. The cave seemed to go on for quite a stretch, but the most notable feature of the cave was the gargantuan stone statue of a dragon, posing as if in battle. The magicks that held the curse had eroded over time, and with the interference of the orcs and the adventuring party, the stone crumbled and gave way for the mighty silver wyrm underneath, unwittingly released from a century of forced hibernation. After regaining his bearings and determining the party was not a threat to him, Deszeldaryndun introduced himself to the Company With No Name and explained how he came to be there.

Deszeldaryndun was cursed by Daurgothoth, a powerful Dracolich, during battle. Daurgothoth, also known as the “Creeping Doom”, fought Deszeldaryndun to a near standstill over a hundred years ago. Whether it was his allies doing or Daurgothoth himself is uncertain, but he managed to petrify Deszeldarynrun, seal him in the cave and had a fort built atop it, effectively hiding him from the world.

Freed from his prison of stone, he was grateful to the party and saw in them an opportunity to strike back at his old foe. Of course, at this point he was weak from hibernation, and to reveal himself to his allies or enemies would be suicide. Deszeldarydun decided to use the party as his eyes and ears for the time being, while he built up his strength and learned more about the post-spellplague world.

He placed a charm upon the shield of Noxital Pridebane in order to track and contact them if necessary and sent the party to Waterdeep to make contact with someone he referred to as the Grey Lady.

Having fulfilled their obligation at the keep, the party pressed on South toward the village of Valkur’s Roar to rest and resupply.



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